Nothing Beyond Everything After

by Pariso

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Produced/recorded/mixed by Jamie Frye at Above All Studios. Mastered by Lewis Johns at The Ranch Production House.


released May 28, 2012



all rights reserved


Pariso London, UK

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Track Name: Open Waters
Finally I return with a new perspective.
But what I came to realise nothing will change, these souls still float and the clouds don't part.
I tested myself and I survived, the leader of a lonely parade.

Do I set myself a path?
Experience is the name we give our mistakes.
My lungs fill with a new hope, the sense of uncertainty, a clouded year of victory, comprimising misery.
Wash away my regrets, like blood from my cuts, use it to purify the weak and to wake the fallen.
The air is cold here, the streets still empty.
Track Name: Defense Wounds
But the paths that I've crossed show my struggles are pointless.
Whether or not, it's the choices that mould us.
A heart with all the ambition knows nothing of premonition.
My ship stays clear of the coast, a year has past for those who hate the most.
The forks in this river, unforeseen but as daunting as it seems my words will turn to dust.
Where's the joy if it's laid out infront of us?
The sea runs red with the blood of nostalgia.
It makes me sick but we're no better.
But the paths that I've crossed show my struggles are pointless.
Whether or not, it's the choices that mould us.
Track Name: Body Language
I feel that swelling that I embrace, friendship and home, never feeling alone.
With this decision for better vision.
As far as I know it's kept me afloat.

I feel that swelling that I embrace, friendship and home, never feeling alone.
A prison every place I arrive and my legs are tired. I finally understand about this chance I've got.
It's a shame you don't realise how powerful we all are.
Your problems are trivial and what we do is infinite.
And now I've gained the clarity I stand on a lonely stage, I'm asked to open myself up and to spill my guts.
For all the tears I shed and all the wounds I've bled.
I hope I can feel this pain, I feel alive again and I'm scared and frightened of trying to live again.
I'm growing tired of creating a dream that I'll never adhere to.
It seems to me that I should destroy my expectations, finding my way back home, might be harder than I thought.

Everything is uncertain at least we cast a shadow and for having lost everything I have seen you, I have seen you.
Track Name: Scocciatura
Years of writing, years of fighting.
A knife in my back, nothing left exciting.
Heartless to the bitter end or as long you want to pretend.
I never knew of simplicity, home never kept me free.
We'll all drown in the river, the current growing stronger.
It's the distance that salts the wound, as long as I keep them in my heart I'll have the strength to carry through.
My mind follows as the heart will rule.
Track Name: Native Wolves
Would it be better for us if we were sold the shit of a thousand years?
Or to tread through the mud and tears?
I know what my choice would be.
The beauty she exudes will never be understood.

She's been made to suffer by what they've told her.
To find love, find stability the death for her inevitably.
She's seen the disease corrupt the minds of the fiends.
Their minds begin to rot, she asks '”Is this all that we've got?”
Track Name: Leeches
Staring at this shadow, an image I'll forget.
It cloaks itself into many forms in every person I've met.
It finds it's home in everyone who stands alone.
Let's destroy our distractions and abolish our routines.

I embrace the way I feel as it makes me feel real again.
It's an uncertainty that to carry on, my blood will have to be spilled and roll down the hills.
A pound of flesh is taken, my freedom forsaken just so it is known that I'm not in control.

I know that sometimes we make mistakes and it feels like a surge of hate.
I'm what time and circumstance have made me and I can't cope with my anxiety anymore.
Track Name: The Huntsman
I'll pour concrete in your veins so you'll never change.
Scar a message on my wrists saying “The love I take is the skulls of the ones who resist”.
Ironically my freedom has trapped me.
You complain that it's all the same but you've only got yourself to blame.
I know you've felt this burden a thousand times.

Let the chariots speed away, darkness falls but our ambitions show the way.
I walk alone so my failures are hidden.
A secret below the ocean, settled vision.
The crashing sound of passing time I'll have to make it mine.
Will I know when I'm sitting at the throne of the misguided who are starved for the nourishment?

Why won't my hands stop shaking?
I feel the world settling in and to be honest I don't sleep well, the pressures on as we go for the motions.
I have an itch I just can't scratch, it keeps me up and I question.
The longer I stay away the more I miss the strife.
Track Name: Lonely Battle
You drive alone, you take that drive alone.
That kindness poured from your wounds, seaps like oil and drips on your shoes.
It's acidic heat burns through your toes.
These are your woes.

The dark and distant coast seen only through headlights.
You wont be there to call my name, I wish the sea would change the tides.

Because we both know we have no place, and the tears are pouring down my face.
I wish I could tell you.

The dark and distant coast seen only through headlights,
and you wont be there to call my name, I wish the sea would change the tides.

And those long drives and warm nights, they've kept my lips tight and my vision right.
You romanticize the meaningless for those around you are truely the saddest.
I want to tell you all the I've seen and everything in between.
Track Name: Nothing Beyond Everything After
Wherever I arrive, whenever I feel alive. Will I still feel the loneliness that many people provide? How many people will change my life? But I'm still left alone in the end, it makes me comprehend will I be fulfilled in what I defend? Leaving the fact that I left it all because the dirt will not come off, blood and mud underneath my fingernails and my skin is turning pale. I'll never know my niche and I've never felt more complete.
Track Name: Unmitigated Sky
I'm the vacant house, The walls, cold to the touch and my steps lead to nowhere. Sympathy has no meaning for friends. I am a heavy weight to bare but they have a place in my veins. I'll never be home again as we know my words achieve nothing. I one day hope you forgive me, but at least I use my honesty. We are all our worst enemy.
Track Name: Omerta
Let's say for a second that love is dead and all the things I say are true and there's no hope, and it's the only way I'll cope, in my youth I thought it would of saved me as I thought it would protect me. I need to let go! Shouting at the sky, so desperate to be heard needing it’s constant acceptance. From now on I'll keep my thoughts to myself and my thoughts in good health. If ignorance is bliss then our minds are the biggest risk. "What's the point in loving if there's nothing to believe in?". So I keep it to myself. You, me and the devil makes three.
Track Name: Officeress
I see the lights come from underneath me. I let go of the hand of procrastination. It was another place I didn't belong, you know as well as I do I'm covered by glass a mask that you can see through. It's a secret you will never tell because like all of us, you suffer to. I know you're just as vain. We know secretly we are loved. Lay her head down with mine and look at her and say ”Everything will be just fine”.